Americans are feeling increasingly exposed to higher healthcare costs. A recent study conducted by discovered that 25% of Americans admit to skipping medical attention when they need it not only because of the actual cost, but also because of the uncertainty of how much they will pay at their visit. This survey also concluded that 32% of older millennials, ages 27 to 36, were the most likely to forego doctor visits.

Because there are now more people with high deductibles, which leave them paying at least $1,000 of their medical costs before insurance kicks in, there are patients with some concerns about the unpredictable and potentially high cost of a basic care need or a prescription re-fill.

In another survey conducted by PNC Healthcare, the baby boomer generation sees their primary care physician 80% of the time, while millennials only see their primary care physician 61% of the time. Not only are millennials concerned about cost, they are less inclined to think ahead about their health than previous generations and they find physically going to the doctor inconvenient.

These studies support why it is becoming important to provide fixed cost telemedicine options as part of your traditional physician office practice.

There are many options for telemedicine from video conferencing to asynchronous secure messaging. The challenge is selecting a method that is efficient for your practice while benefitting the patients.

Synct is the first innovative and unique asynchronous telemedicine solution. With Synct, the physician office is transformed with convenience and efficiency saving valuable time for both patient and physician. As a software-as-a-service solution, Synct connects patients to their physician through secure and structured communication for basic care need questions at a fixed cost similar to a patient’s copay. If an office visit is necessary, there is no cost to the patient for the AlternaVisit request, but this is not common as most patient requests are met within Synct.


Synct connects patients with their trusted physician for efficient care of basic care needs and conditions. With Synct, the physician office is now Office Optional.

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