One of the most common misconceptions in healthcare is that telemedicine is too expensive for physicians to offer to patients. Sure, there are expensive solutions on the market but that does not mean all solutions are expensive.

The cost of telemedicine solutions comes in two forms: time and fees. From a time perspective, it is well supported in the literature that it takes longer for an office based physician to complete a telemedicine video conference than to see the patient in the office. This is due to the technology challenges of waiting for both parties to be online and physicians are simply more used to the face-to-face in-person encounter. But, not all telemedicine is inefficient.

There are two types of telemedicine: synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous is the type we most commonly think of where a patient and physician “meet” in a virtual video conference at the same time. Essentially, there is an appointment online. Synchronous telemedicine is inefficient for the physician – no argument.

However, there is also asynchronous telemedicine where the patient and physician communicate in a virtual manner but there is no need to schedule a video conference appointment. This solution is Synct. The patient submits their care request following a specific condition format at a time convenient for them. The physician then reviews the patient request and provides care instructions at a time convenient for them. Both parties get what they need but the inefficiency of scheduling is avoided.

Synct ( is the first and the best asynchronous solution for physicians. The best part is AlternaVisit is FREE to the physician. The patient is charged an amount similar to their copay and the physician receives $20 for each completed Synct request.

Synct is breaking the mold and revolutionizing the telemedicine industry. Now, physicians have a solution that is designed with their best interest in mind. To find out more, view our short video at